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At Milkman Proxies, we understand the essence of gameplay and collecting. That’s why our ‘City of Brass’ proxy, graced by Elara’s image, is more than just a card—it’s a piece of art, a strategic asset, and a collector’s jewel. Whether you’re navigating the competitive scene or diving deep into casual play, this card ensures your deck not only performs but also captivates.


Step into a world where every turn opens doors to untold power and strategy with Milkman Proxies’ latest masterpiece: the ‘City of Brass’ proxy card, now featuring the enchanting visage of Elara, the Guardian of the Gates. Elara, with her captivating short brown hair that dances in the mythical winds of the city, stands poised and elegant, a beacon of strength and grace. Her attire, a blend of ancient charm and modern warrior elegance, mirrors the fusion of tradition and innovation that ‘City of Brass’ represents.

Crafted with precision and designed for the discerning player, this card is not just a piece of the game; it’s a gateway to unparalleled potential on the battlefield, enhanced by Elara’s inspiring presence. With vibrant colors, intricate details, and flawless readability, it stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and playability.

Unlock the ancient magic, embrace the legacy, and command the respect your gameplay deserves with Elara’s guidance. Add the ‘City of Brass’ proxy to your arsenal today and transform your game with Milkman Proxies. Where excellence meets play—experience the difference.


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Key Features of Our MTG Proxy Cards:

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1. Euro High-Quality Black Core Paper: Utilizing 330gsm Royal Card Stock, our thickest and most rigid option available, to ensure unmatched durability and a premium feel. These cards are made to withstand the rigors of play without compromising on quality or appearance.

2. Gloss Finish: Each card boasts a gloss UV coating, adding a beautiful shine that enhances the artwork’s vibrancy and contrast. More than just aesthetics, this protective layer keeps the cards safe from scratches, maintaining their pristine condition over time.

3. Superior Smooth Card Stock: Our choice of premium smooth card stock is renowned for its exceptional smoothness and durability. This material not only elevates the visual experience with sharper contrast and more vivid colors but also offers a superior tactile experience, making our cards a top choice for game card creators and enthusiasts alike.

4. Durability and Aesthetics: Designed to be cleaner and more durable, our MTG proxy cards promise a superior gaming experience. They match, if not surpass, the quality of standard Magic the Gathering cards, ensuring that collectors, competitive players, and casual gamers alike can enjoy a product that’s both beautiful and enduring.

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