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Milkman Proxies proudly presents this unique ‘Counterspell’ proxy, where the art of negation meets unparalleled cuteness. The vivid colors, detailed character design, and playful yet powerful message make this card a standout addition to any deck or collection.


Prepare to halt your opponents in their tracks with the latest addition to Milkman Proxies’ lineup: the ‘Counterspell’ proxy card, featuring the adorable yet formidable Officer Aoi, the guardian of gameplay fairness. With her striking blue hair and a summer uniform that’s as charming as it is authoritative, Officer Aoi embodies the spirit of the ultimate defense. The card art captures her in a dynamic pose, with the word “NOPE” emblazoned in bold, yellow letters behind her, signaling a fun and emphatic stop to any opposing move.

Her outfit, a delightful blend of efficiency and style, features shorts and a utility belt prominently displaying the word “NOPE,” echoing the card’s purpose. This fusion of cute anime aesthetics and classic Magic: The Gathering strategy creates a proxy card that’s not only a joy to play but also a visual treat.

Invoke the power of Officer Aoi and bring a touch of whimsy and tactical superiority to your game. With this ‘Counterspell’ in your deck, you’re not just denying your opponent’s actions; you’re doing it with unmatched style and charm. Add this enchanting proxy to your collection today and let Milkman Proxies elevate your gameplay experience where strategy meets cuteness


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Key Features of Our MTG Proxy Cards:

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1. Euro High-Quality Black Core Paper: Utilizing 330gsm Royal Card Stock, our thickest and most rigid option available, to ensure unmatched durability and a premium feel. These cards are made to withstand the rigors of play without compromising on quality or appearance.

2. Gloss Finish: Each card boasts a gloss UV coating, adding a beautiful shine that enhances the artwork’s vibrancy and contrast. More than just aesthetics, this protective layer keeps the cards safe from scratches, maintaining their pristine condition over time.

3. Superior Smooth Card Stock: Our choice of premium smooth card stock is renowned for its exceptional smoothness and durability. This material not only elevates the visual experience with sharper contrast and more vivid colors but also offers a superior tactile experience, making our cards a top choice for game card creators and enthusiasts alike.

4. Durability and Aesthetics: Designed to be cleaner and more durable, our MTG proxy cards promise a superior gaming experience. They match, if not surpass, the quality of standard Magic the Gathering cards, ensuring that collectors, competitive players, and casual gamers alike can enjoy a product that’s both beautiful and enduring.

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