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Elf Enchantress In A Goblin Tribe Tavern Playmat

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Unleash the chaotic charm of the goblin horde and enchanting elf with our badass MTG Goblin Playmat, a perfect battleground for your Magic: The Gathering skirmishes. Crafted for the cunning strategist and the fantasy lover, this playmat features a vibrant tribal gathering of goblins, bringing the raw, untamed essence of an enchanting sexy elf right to your gaming table.


Command the Horde and Enchant the Battlefield – All in One Mat!

Product Features:

  • Dual-Themed Design: Immerse yourself in the mystical realm with our dual-themed playmat—showcasing a goblin tribe in a tavern enjoying the scene of a sexy elf who stands dead center of the mat as she draws you in with intense playful eye-contact.
  • Striking Artwork: The MTG Goblin Playmat boasts a stunningly detailed illustration, capturing the mischievous spark of the goblins, while the elf offers a contrasting elegance, perfect for players who appreciate the art of MTG.
  • Superior Durability: Made with high-quality materials, our playmats are built to last through countless battles and tournaments.
  • Optimal Size: With dimensions of 24″ wide x 14″ high that align with MTG standards, you have ample space for your cards and accessories, ensuring a full display of your arsenal.
  • Slip-Resistant Backing: Focus on your game without the distraction of a shifting play surface. Our playmats stay securely in place, even when the action gets intense.
  • Rollable and Portable: Take the might of your goblin horde or the wisdom of your elf conclave wherever you go. Our playmats are easy to roll up and carry, making them a perfect companion for the roaming gamer.

Why Choose Our MTG Playmats?

  • Art Meets Play: Not just a playmat, but a piece of art that captures the essence of the fantasy world of MTG.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re channeling the wild spirit of goblins or the graceful poise of elves, our playmat caters to every style of play.
  • Collector’s Pride: A must-have for any MTG collector, this playmat serves as a stunning backdrop for your most treasured decks.

Get Ready for Battle:

Prepare to lead your goblin army to victory or align with the elves to protect the realm. Our MTG Goblin Playmat is the perfect stage for your duels, offering not just a play space but an immersive experience.

Claim Your Mat Today!

Invoke the power of the goblin tribes and the wisdom of the elves with our MTG playmats. Shop now and elevate your MTG sessions to legendary status!

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Dimensions24 × 14 in


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