21 Badass mtg attack and tap ability Cards To Max Synergy

Welcome to the realm of Magic: The Gathering (MTG), where strategy, lore, and the thrill of the game combine into an addictive mix that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

In the vast universe of MTG, certain cards stand out for their unique abilities to impact the game significantly while they’re tapped and attacking.

These cards can turn the tide of battle, offering strategic advantages that savvy players can exploit. Let’s delve into the top 21 tapped and attacking cards in MTG, each a gem that can add depth and power to your gameplay.

Power in Motion: Tapped and Attacking Cards

  1. Ilharg The Raze Boar
  2. Kaalia of the Vast
  3. Olivia Crimson Bride
  4. Arnie Metalbrow
  5. Ultra Magnus, Tactician
  6. Paladin Elizabeth Taggerdy
  7. Preeminent Captain
  8. Zara, Renegade Recruiter
  9. Shadowfax, Lord of Horses
  10. Minion of the Mighty
  11. Cavalier of Night
  12. Mirko, Obsessive Theorist
  13. Nethroi, Apex of Death
  14. Rekindling Phoenix

21 Cards that Maximize Synergy with Tapped and Attacking Abilities

The mechanics of tapped and attacking cards are fascinating, offering a blend of aggression and strategic foresight. Here are 20 of the best cards that exemplify this dynamic:

1. Aurelia, the Warleader

  • Set: Gatecrash
  • Ability: Grants an additional combat phase on attack.

2. Aggravated Assault

  • Set: Onslaught
  • Ability: Unleashes unlimited combat phases when combined with enough mana.

3. Hellrider

  • Set: Dark Ascension
  • Ability: Deals extra damage to the opponent whenever a creature attacks.

4. Hero of Bladehold

  • Set: Mirrodin Besieged
  • Ability: Creates additional attacking creatures and boosts attacking creatures’ power.

5. Goblin Rabblemaster

  • Set: Magic 2015
  • Ability: Generates a Goblin token that must attack each turn, bolstering its power with each attacking Goblin.

6. Hammer of Purphoros

  • Set: Theros
  • Ability: Gives all your creatures haste, enabling immediate attacks.

7. Krenko, Mob Boss

  • Set: Magic 2013
  • Ability: Doubles your Goblin count, turning even a single attack into a devastating wave.

8. Brimaz, King of Oreskos

  • Set: Born of the Gods
  • Ability: Produces additional attacking or blocking tokens on each attack or block.

9. Mirran Crusader

  • Set: Mirrodin Besieged
  • Ability: Double strike and protection from key colors make it a formidable attacker.

10. Rafiq of the Many

  • Set: Shards of Alara
  • Ability: Doubles the power of a single attacker, granting it double strike.

11. Scourge of the Throne

  • Set: Conspiracy
  • Ability: Offers extra combat phases if attacking the player with the most life.

12. Stormbreath Dragon

  • Set: Theros
  • Ability: Protection from white and a monstrous ability that deals damage based on the opponent’s hand.

13. Sword of Fire and Ice

  • Set: Darksteel
  • Ability: Grants protection, extra damage, and card draw upon attacking.

14. Tajic, Blade of the Legion

  • Set: Dragon’s Maze
  • Ability: Becomes indestructible and significantly more powerful when attacking with other creatures.

15. Thundermaw Hellkite

  • Set: Magic 2013
  • Ability: Clears the way for attacks by tapping flying blockers and dealing damage to them.

16. Urabrask the Hidden

  • Set: New Phyrexia
  • Ability: Grants haste to your creatures and slows down opponents’ blockers.

17. Vorapede

  • Set: Dark Ascension
  • Ability: Vigilance, trample, and undying make it a relentless attacker.

18. Whisperwood Elemental

  • Set: Fate Reforged
  • Ability: Bolsters your board with creatures that can become formidable when attacking en masse.

19. Winota, Joiner of Forces

  • Set: Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
  • Ability: Fetches humans from your deck to attack, potentially flipping the game on a single attack phase.

20. Zurgo Helmsmasher

  • Set: Khans of Tarkir
  • Ability: Indestructible on your turn and grows stronger with each kill.

21. Sundial Of the Infinite

  • Set: Magic 2012
  • Ability: Keep the cards on the board that are brought out ‘tapped and attacking’ by ending your turn when its appropriate.

Strategies and Synergies

Incorporating these tapped and attacking cards into your deck requires thoughtful strategy and consideration of synergies. Always consider:

  • Mana Curve: Ensure you have a good balance of early, mid, and late-game threats.
  • Deck Theme: Choose cards that complement the overall strategy of your deck.
  • Counterplay: Be mindful of common counters and have strategies to protect your key

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