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This custom proxy card features exclusive artwork that captures the essence of the mystic Mana Crypt, a place of potent magic and untold secrets. Liora, the ethereal dreamweaver, graces the card as the guardian of this ancient and eerie grotto.

Artist: M.L. Amora


This proxy card is a must-have for collectors and players seeking to elevate their game with a touch of lore and a dash of mystery. Milk Man Proxies is proud to offer this beautiful alternative artwork for the Mana Crypt. Secure your piece of the story before it vanishes into the history.

Liora of the Mana Crypt

In the perpetual twilight of the mana crypt, Liora, the last dreamweaver, lingered in the still waters. Her presence was an anomaly, a whisper of light in the heart of shadows, her skin shimmering against the backdrop of an ever-darkening grotto.

The crypt was alive with whispered voices of the past, and only Liora could understand their secrets. Each night, she bathed in the mana-infused waters, collecting fragmented dreams that wept from the crevices above. These were not mere figments of imagination; they were the raw material of reality, waiting to be shaped by her will.

This night, however, as the water clung to her like a second skin, a dream of unparalleled potency descended. It was a foreboding vision, one that painted the mana crypt in hues of despair and urgency. The dream sought a weaver, and in its grip, Liora’s eyes snapped open, reflecting the haunting glow of a prophecy yet to unfold.

With the weight of the future bearing down on her, Liora knew she must venture beyond the crypt. As she emerged from the water, the stones of the grotto moaned, warning of the dangers that lay ahead. The dreams had never led her astray, but this one was different—it was a harbinger of change, a puzzle wrapped in enigma.

Liora stood at the threshold of the mana crypt, the dream clutched tightly in her grasp. She took a breath, the cold air of the outside world seeping into the warmth of her sanctuary. With a determined step, she crossed the boundary into the unknown, the echo of her departure stirring the crypt into a frenzy of whispers.

The mana crypt, now devoid of its guardian, began to pulsate with a power that had lain dormant for eons. And just as Liora disappeared into the shadows beyond, the crypt’s entrance sealed shut, its secrets locked within, leaving the world to wonder what fate awaited the last dreamweaver.


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2. Gloss Finish: Each card boasts a gloss UV coating, adding a beautiful shine that enhances the artwork’s vibrancy and contrast. More than just aesthetics, this protective layer keeps the cards safe from scratches, maintaining their pristine condition over time.

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