Where to go for MTG alternative art proxies?

Searching for alternative art proxies for “Magic: The Gathering” (MTG) can be a bit of a niche topic, as the creation and distribution of such proxies often sit in a legal and ethical gray area.

Wizards of the Coast, the company behind MTG, has strict rules against the use of proxies in official events, as mentioned previously. However, in casual play, the use of alternative art proxies is generally left to the discretion of the players involved.

Here are some general tips on where you might look for alternative art proxies for casual play:

  1. Online Communities and Forums: MTG has a vast online community. Forums like Reddit (subreddits related to MTG), MTG Salvation, and others can be resources for finding information about alternative art proxies. Users often share their creations or tips on making proxies.
  2. Etsy and Other Online Marketplaces: Some artists sell custom alternative art proxies on platforms like Etsy. These are unofficial and should only be used in casual play.
  3. Social Media Groups: Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have groups and pages dedicated to MTG where enthusiasts sometimes share or sell custom art proxies.
  4. Print-On-Demand Services: There are online services that allow you to print custom cards. You can use these services to print proxies with alternative art for personal use in casual games.
  5. Local Gaming Communities: Sometimes local gaming groups or hobby stores have resources or connections for finding alternative art proxies.
  6. Art Websites: Websites that host portfolios for artists sometimes feature MTG alternative art, which you could potentially use to create proxies for personal use.

Remember, when using alternative art proxies, it’s important to respect the intellectual property rights of the artists and Wizards of the Coast.

Always ensure that the use of such proxies is acceptable in your playgroup and never attempt to pass them off as official MTG cards, especially in sanctioned events.

Additionally, supporting the original artists and creators of MTG is important for the game’s ongoing success and vibrancy.

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