Who does badass mtg alters?

“Magic: The Gathering” (MTG) has a rich culture of customizing cards, primarily seen in two forms: Alters and Proxies. While both involve creative modifications, they serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics.

MTG Alters

  1. Definition: An alter refers to an original MTG card that has been artistically modified. This modification can range from simple extensions of the existing art (known as border extensions) to full-card redesigns.
  2. Original Card Basis: Alters are made using genuine MTG cards. The original card remains the base for any artistic modification.
  3. Artistic Expression: The primary purpose of alters is artistic expression. Players get their cards altered to personalize their decks or to showcase unique artwork.
  4. Legality in Play: Altered cards can be legal in sanctioned events, provided the alterations don’t make the card indistinguishable from its original form or add significant thickness or texture. However, the acceptability of an altered card in tournament play is always at the discretion of the head judge.
  5. Collectibility and Value: Alters can increase the collectible value of a card, especially if done by renowned artists. They are often sought after by collectors.

MTG Proxies

  1. Definition: Proxies are non-official replacements or stand-ins for actual MTG cards. They can be as simple as a slip of paper with a card name written on it or as complex as a card printed with custom artwork.
  2. No Original Card Required: Unlike alters, proxies do not use an original MTG card as a base. They are entirely separate creations.
  3. Purpose: Proxies are often used for playtesting, in casual play, or in situations where players don’t own the card and don’t want to or can’t afford to purchase it.
  4. Legality in Play: Proxies are not legal in official MTG tournaments. Their use is typically restricted to casual play, and their acceptance in such settings depends on the agreement of the playgroup involved.
  5. Print Quality and Appearance: Proxies can vary significantly in quality. Some are high-quality prints that closely mimic the appearance of real cards, while others are more rudimentary. At Milk Man Proxies we print and distribute only premium high quality mtg proxies.

Where can i buy mtg alters?

Below is a growing list of badass MTG alter artists. These are who I consider to do some of the best MTG Alters. Know someone? Comment and link them below.

Artist NameSample Work
Adrian Laskowskicoming soon
Jom Alterscoming soon
Franek Bieniekcoming soon
As Alterscoming soon
Viviane Calazanescoming soon
Adrian Laskowskicoming soon
Click an mtg alter artists name and it will open a new window to thier contact page online.

In summary, the key difference lies in their basis and purpose: Alters are artistic modifications of real MTG cards, often enhancing their value and uniqueness, while proxies are replacements for MTG cards, created for artistic or practical reasons like cost-saving, and are not used in official play.

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